Pray a Prayer to Saint Joseph


March 19th, 2021

1 min 3 secs

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Pray for St. Joseph's intercession with this prayer composed by Bishop Robert Reed:

St. Joseph, you held the
Son of God close you,
and when the child Jesus was lost
you felt the concern and worry of a parent.
Be like a father and counselor to me;
protect me by your prayers in time
and in eternity.

With the same care that you had for Jesus,
intercede for me that I might grow
in wisdom and grace before God.
Preserve me from
the corruption of this world,
and pray that I may, in one eternal day,
see Jesus' face and be united with you,
Holy Mary, and all the saints in Heaven.

We ask this in the name of Jesus,
Who rested in your arms and
Who is Lord, forever and ever.


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