Pray the Memento Mori Rosary


February 23rd, 2020

23 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

Join the Daughters of Saint Paul in praying a Memento Mori Rosary. Memento mori means "remember your death" in Latin, and refers to the ancient practice of meditating on death and the afterlife. The Memento Mori Rosary is composed of 5 mysteries that help us meditate on and enter into Jesus’ death. When we pray these mysteries we can ask for the grace to live our lives in preparation for our death, and we can thank God for the gift of salvation that allows us to hope in eternal life and the final resurrection of the body.

The Mysteries of the Memento Mori Rosary:

  1. The Birth of Jesus at Bethlehem
  2. Jesus Institutes the Eucharist
  3. Jesus Carries the Cross to Calvary
  4. Jesus Is Crucified
  5. Jesus Rises from the Dead

Material for this Rosary is drawn from Memento Mori: Prayers on the Last Things, by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP. You can order the devotional here

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